Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Am the Kind of Girl

I've always posted entires about my activities, and today I am going to post something about me.

Things happen like a mess this year and make me think more and love more of myself.

There're three ways to describe about girl like me:

1) I'm the kind of girl that doesn't speak out her mind, or doesn't know how to do so.

I'm very poor in speaking out my mind. 
You can say I'm very poor in communication.
And yes, I have experiences in some argument due to my poor selection of vocabularies, and cause me lots of trouble.
You may see that I bla a lot in blog, but in real life, 
when it come to communication, 
I failed.

2) I'm the kind of girl that look tough but deep down, she's weak like hell. 
and she hates it.

I have a hard time admitting that I'm weak
In some case, it is known as over-confident.
When comes to relationships, it's worse cause I can't handle a relationship well.
Seriously poor in these cases.
And I HATE it.

3) I'm the kind of girl that hope for the best for the one that I love, but always did it in the wrong ways.

As what I've stated before, I'm very bad in communication.
And so when i did anything good for the one I love, I have always thought that they will know and understand me. So I keep silence like an idiot.
but in fact, love need to speak out.
that's one of the wrong ways I have always done and have never changed.

Another wrong way of loving a person is that, I keep myself way too easy-going until people think that I'm a boring person.
When it comes to a person that you love, you tend to follow what they love, and god-damn-knows I am not a easy-going person. I am actually very strong in my opinion and things that I want. But who knows I will melt whenever it comes to love? sh*t it.

Will you love my personal entry better?
Or should I just talk about my usual stuff?

Let me know!

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  1. Hey!! Eleanor i would love a mixture of both :D once awhile hearing things about you is interesting! keep it up ;)