Monday, March 4, 2013

Music Never Sleeps

University's life is getting busier.
and I'm BORED.

So I just want to share with you guys some pictures of me and my friends having fun in the karaoke room!!!

and fyi, this is my FIRST time ever entering non- housing areas- karaoke-room.
I know I sounded to "sua gu" (hokkien)
what I mean is I have always entered a karaoke room of my parent's friend's house.

Frankly, their karaoke equipment is better than the real karaoke's room. 
but for gathering, karaoke seems like a good choice.

cause everyone love music ><

Green Box, that's the one we entered.

Oh yea, let's get started!!!

I'm the only one making idiot face ><

Taking the mic like an ice-cream hahahaha..

Snake that are all FOC.

Joanne steal my mic!!!! xD

Another one with so much passion in her :P

and I prefer camwhore ><

Okay have to go cause I'm chased by that stupid time! xD

Chiiao!!!! ^^

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