Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Get Yourself Ready for SUN

Finally the weather is better today. 

Going out for Sport Tournament soon right?

and spring is the best time for outing :)

I got it, you don't want to get your skin worse after sweat and sunny weather.

and you don't want to ruin your pretty silky hair.

Let me share with you some great tips on taking care of yourself during this outing.

1) Hair

Do not expose to sun right after washing your hair.

It's not recommended to wash your hair before your went out on a sunny day, 
unless you are sitting in an indoor room or what so ever. 
The hair after washing is fragile and easily broken. 

So do not mess them up on a sunny day :)

Apply hair serum, better with SPF sun pretection.

I'm using Watson's Sun Protection Hair Serum when I'm going for training.
It's not the best product for sun protection hair serum, but since I have no time to explore, it will be my current choice :/

2) Skin

Apply enough sunscreen for your face and body.
Choose Sunscreen that has at least SPF50 to protect your pretty face during the exposure. 
Apply it not only on your face, but all over the exposed skin :)

I use Banana Boat SPF 110 SunScreen. 
Not really recommend it for oily skin cause it stinks.
*For oily skin, try find product that has non-oil-base so that it does not ruin your skin.

3) Make Up

(For those who still want to make up during the outing)

If you are going outing with friends (not for training, or exercise, or any activity that produces lots of sweat), 
you sure want to be pretty.

So here is my suggestions on the make up product you should use:

Get waterproof make up product instead of common make up you used daily.
I recommend Maybelline's product because they have impressed me (So far).

4) Lips Care

For those who has chapped lips, 
it's better to take double care on your lips.

You don't wanna look horrible with your lips exposed under that bright sunny day.

Get lips care/gloss that is not so oily so that you wouldn't feel uncomfortable.
My suggestion: Maybelline's Babay Lips Lips Care.

5) Eyes

Do you know your eyes need to be given a great care when you are out?

Info: UV radiation, whether from natural sunlight or artificial UV rays, can damage the eye's surface tissues as well as the cornea and lens. UV radiation can burn the front surface of the eye, much like a sunburn on the skin.

Try wear a good quality shade to hide your eyes from exposing too much UV light rays.

Wear a cap or hat not only to protect your skin, but also the eyes :)

Another benefit of hat/cap : 
Hide your hair in the hat will protect your hair from sun damage that cause split-ends.

6) Clothes

Get yourself clothes that can absorb sweat better. 
Recommend: Clothes made of 100% cotton.

Also, find choice of clothes colour: bright
unless your wanna sweat like hell!!!! xD

Protect your exposed skin using alternatives.

So that's it!!!

I hope your enjoy your day with the SUN!!!! ^^

See ya soon!!

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