Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Yuan Xiao Festival / Lantern Festival


Yeah I didn't break my promise :)
*but it's already 1.00 in the morning ><*

So.... ;)

 I attended Lantern Festival Dinner with my uni friends. 

It was not bad.

At least I have something relaxing to fill up my stressful school life ><

I'm gonna share with you the pictures then :) 

I'll let the pictures do the talking, unless I need to caption a bit.

Will also tell you some fashion tips, in the same time sharing with you my happy moment. :)

Start with the photos I took with my phone, sorry for the bad quality ><

Did my hair MYSELF, and it didn't cost me a cent *Proud*

Show you something: Bird's feather!!!! 
*Something special rather than leave it or styling your hair, right? ;) 

Low and baby Jing Wen :)

Love this photo so so so very much <3

My fake boyfriend of the day: Dennis Ling 
* We look suitable with each other right?? Some more each of us wore feather coincidently. hahahaha!*


With President of our Chinese Society. :)

Funny Michelle.. :)

My lovely Family :)

Okay okay. Time for good quality photos!
For goodness sake I need to buy a better camera soon!
Baby Jing Wen bought one and this is the best quality I see from others'.
and I'm so happy and thankful since she are willing to waste some space for my oh-so-self-obsessed pictures  xD

My dress of the day: blue Pastel, the great and popular colour of LAST Year.
Still love the colour and I guess I am suitable to be in this colour.

Tips: It's not necessary to follow every trend happened in the fashion world. Discover your personality and wear something that brings our your confident!


The dishes :)

Okay! That's it for today!!!! 

Will update soon, so stay tuned! :)

Gute Nacht!

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