Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things You Wouldn't Want to Miss This Year

Haiya Everyone!!!

Have been a long time since my last entry uh? 
*Promise to update at least four entries per month, and I guess I DID IT*

Yeay... ;)

Did you guys realize I haven't upload any pictures of what I wore or what I did during the CNY holiday?

*Hmm I guess you guys are too busy to even online....*

Yes, I didn't update much during my CNY holiday stuff, cause I've been really lazy and no mood to edit and update them, plus the facebook was full with pictures of people telling what they were wearing, doing, painting for their nails, getting how many angpauSS, drinking what beer, having what fun......

So much that I keep reading them, liking them, then forgot to update mine ><


So I did a compilation of what I've been doing during my CNY holiday, 
and while I was thinking what I should give all these on-so-much-pictures a better title instead of "CNY holiday" or "My fun CNY" those LAME title....

My brain gives me a light bulb.

I wanna show you guys what is the latest trend of 2013. 

Isn't it great?

so that's what I'm going to do with my pictures!

So useful.
And in the same time I get the chance to share my lovely self-obsessed pictures. 

*I so so so SMART* 


Kay, let's start the trip!

1) Change your Make Up style!

Did you always stick to the same boring make up style?

Come on it's time to get your face some refreshment!

My usual make up is always brown and natural, so this time I give them some purple sweet look
It happened on the first day of CNY.

and Guess what?

I got LOTS of compliment.

haha... *Happy*

My usual natural make up look:

And My Fantastic Sweety!!! ^^

Can you see how a simple change can make a huge difference?

Times to tame yourself with colours! 

2) Prints

This is a TOTALLY- DON'T-MISS-IT trend!

I've looked through almost all the magazines for discovering the new trend
and I've found out that "prints" is the latest hits in the world.

*For those who don't understand what "prints outfits" are, it's kinda like messy design at your clothing, with wither graphic, animals prints, organic shapes, or chains or floral prints.*

Love them SOOOO much! 

Floral Prints
*ANOTHER HIT: skirt with double layer as shown in the picture above!*

Graphic Prints: Countries Flags

*ADDITIONAL HIT: Blazer!!!!*

 Chain Print (the leggings). 
* Notice the chains bracelet at my arm!*

Galaxies Prints (Shirt)

3) Knock the Pieces!

TOP HIT of the YEAR.

I couldn't describe how important this is in this year's fashion line.

So freaking important and necessary!

"Female" magazine in February issue even said this:
 "It's a mecca for jewellery and it's already got us lusting over far too many pieces. Don't say we didn't warn you!"

Owl ring from Thai

Notice the chain-like-bracelet, ringe on my fingers and earpiece!

Crazy big earring to match with my crazy outfit

Ear rings, finger rings, multi-coloured necklace :)

Oh and of course a animal prints shade if you have one :)

Another type of accessories: GOLD

Classic shade for too much jewellery (if you think so).

4) Nail Your Nails!

Don't miss this little detail.

and it's becoming more and more important when you are following tip 3rd (accessories) because you don't want your friend to notice your ugly fingernails when they are looking on your accessories!

My nail paint for this CNY holiday. 

*If you are a very lazy person, please, at least, coat a layer or transparent nail polish, it makes everything better :)

5) Red

It's becoming a trend like the coke colour!

Yea yea, I'm talking about Orange Red lips!

and you girls listen here:

Research shows that men are attracted to women in red as compared wit other colours. 
Red somehow says the woman is receptive to romantic advances. 

but remember, don't be overboard.

A red lipstick, or a red outfit, but keep the rest simple and neutral.
That's the key.

6) Caps

Have you guys notice this upcoming trend.

It's getting more and more insane now.

*Try to get cap with funky designs to rock your style, mind is just not under the circle yet. : /

7) Lace

I know it's been a very long term trend since last year, but believe me.

It's still in trend.

or at least I can say, the clothing with TEXTURE is in fashion line. ;)

Lace top (which you guys have probably seen it for a ten times cause it's my all-time-fav)
and a MUST-HAVE lace pants (ZARA sells it at RM 99.00)


EXTRA TIP: Lace print with simple make up and hair style, make you look so elegant and kissable 

Kinda avoid curly hair, cause it will make you look OLD. 

8) Braids

Braids have never fail to impress people.

Try to learn at least a simple braid and bring it out when your are going for tea breaks.

And notice your friends' eyes move around your hair. 


*TIP: Wear a simple colour hat to match your outfit if you think braiding make your face look big.*

9) Photo Booth

You guys probably don't know about this, but it's very popular nowadays.

It's an Android or Iphone application and it is so freaking fun when you are playing it with your friends!

Don't miss this cool stuff or you will really regret :)

Another meaning of photo booth is that to take very crazy pictures with your friends or families, like so:

hahahaha, great memories ever!!!!

10) Have Fun, Get Drunk!

Don't get me wrong, the word "drunk" in this context is to get "drunk in HAPPINESS"


However, I warn you, SOME of the below pictures are not halal, so skip it if you hate it.

but my intention is not that kay.

the next is HALAL, I hope.

Gathering with friends for dinner is kinda "Drunk in happiness' as well k.... ;)

And who say EATis not under this title? 
Hahaha, I'm "drunk" xD

11) Vacation

Turn yourself a backpacker a travel around the world. 

That's the least thing you don't wanna miss in your life time ;)

*if you think you re out of money, try somewhere affordable. It isn't necessarily to be in the other country to be a backpacker.*

Have fun exploring foods and places. <3

That's it for today! 
*wooh such a long post!*

so I hope this is useful .
Gotta go for Chap Goh Mieh dinner soon, hope everything turns all right :)

See ya soon!

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