Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to Attract Boys during the Valentine's Day

Who say Valentine's Day is only for those who are in a relationship?

for those who are still single,

No worry, 

Time to get dress up and attract your target!!!

This look is definitely suitable for everyone and super easy to do!
Get yourself some time and enchant your day with pretty look!

The tutorial:

Another song was made for this Valentine's Day:
Didn't sing it with my baby guitar because I keep my nail long long with CNY ><

Btw, if you wanna ask me what I will do for this Valentine's day, 
I'm sorry I might disappoint you guys..
cause I'm just going to go back to my dad's hometown today.
Nothing special, really.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy your day!!! :)

*Lots of love from me <3

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