Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 Chinese New Year Make Up Look

OMG it's 1 o'clock in the morning but I'm still awake. 
Gotta wake up five hours later and I don't know if I can make it. >.<

What to do? 
If I don't update now then I really don't know when I wil.

Have you guy think of your look for coming 2013 CNY look?

I am going to share with you guy mine today :)

I planned something more natural and usable for everyday and every events.

I realized many of my friends like to make up very differently in special event, but they ended up something weird.
and it's not pretty either.

So compared to something weird and "NOT YOU"
I prefer some more down to earth and natural.

And most importantly,

it enchants your eyes!!!!

This look is inspired by the pretty mandarins that we love eat during the festivals.
My Malay friends like them so much and they always ask from me.
So it keeps wondering in my head.

so it made a great impact to my make up style LOL!


Natural right? :)

Wanna know how it's done?

So here we go!

Trimmed your eyebrows into something of a more edgy and definite.
tips: Chinese has very small eye and it's our identity, so to enchants the look, an soft edgy eyebrow will show up our identity. :)

Apply foundation all over the face. 
Tip 1: Using sponge to dab the cream into the skin so that they'll last longer.

Apply two way cake by pressing the powder in. 
Tips 2: You can either use two-way-cake or loose powder to set the face ;)

Move on to the eyes.
Select and light shimmery yellow.

Apply it at the inner half of your eyes.

There you go :)

Next, I am picking a tangerine coral peach colour (MAC palette).
Tips 3: For those who cannot afford a MAC palette, you can always find the colour in any other palette.
It doesn't really need to be MAC brand.
As long as the colour is similar and you like it. ;)

Apply it at your socket.

Drag the colour higher than what you usually do to your eyes.
The tangerine coral peach colour will be more obvious.

Blend them using a blending brush so soften the edges.

So here's the result.
You can see that the tangerine-coral-peach colour is a lot higher than what you usually do for your make up
It's done INTENTIONALLY, so no worry :)

Next, pick a dark coffee brown colour

Apply it at the socket of your eye, like giving your eyes a soft contra and the outer third of  your eyes.

Then your lower eyelids as well.

So here is the result of the eye shadow.

Then pick a dark brown gel liner to line the eyes. (Upper and lower lash lines)
Tips 4: I use dark brown in this tutorial as I want to emphasis towards a natural look, so dark brown look more natural compare to black liner.

Curl your lashes

and Apply mascara!
I am using Maybelline Super Curl Volume Express mascara because it comes in dark brown colour, which is more suitable for a natural look :)

after mascara :)

Pick a natural eye lashes, and cut them into half

Apply one on each eyes.
Tip 5: to make your eyes look longer, your lashes should be applied a little our from what your actual eye length.

And this is the look after lashes is applied :)

Next, we will move on to eyebrows.
Tip 6: As I've said before, soft edge gives a better look.
but since thicker eyebrows looks younger, I make the eyebrows with soft edge and thick look.

Blush (Tangerine-coral colour)

Cherry red lip tint 
(I once bought it in The Face Shop, but I doubt they still sell it?)

Apply the it all over the lips.
Tip 7: Lip tint helps the colour to stay more longer, so it's a great material when you want to eat lots of Chinese foods and cookies but at the same time, your lips still glow :)

Apply lipstick. 
I'm using orange coral lipstick because it look natural and unique! ^^

Apply it gently on the lips and tab them with your finger to smudge them evenly.

So here's the final look!!!

I get a dress like cheong sam *(but it's not) and look some pictures with it! 

Upside down! xD

The best thing about this make up is?

It's suitable for not only cheongsam, but all other clothing that you plan to wear during CNY!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

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