Sunday, March 17, 2013

Birthday at Delicious

It's never too late to post pretty pictures ;)

I know this is a shitty excuse cause I have no things to update so far.

but really, My skin.... 

Oh my skin T.T 

10X darker now...

I really feel like burying myself in the house to get back my original (not so dark) skin

Now I'm like Negro. (no racist)

Kay kay kay, I'm going to talk about food and pictures today.

You guys know I LOVE Delicious right?

You guys should definitely go there if there's a chance!!!

Went there for Ping Kee's birthday and here're the food we ordered:

melting pots

Dunno what pie (my diet meal) xD

Ping Kee's dunno what spaghetti 

OMG you guys can now know how long ago this post is supposed to be updated >.<


Then come the lil velvet cake <3

Surprised Ping Kee xD

With birthday girl :)

Shin Ling and Hwei Teing

See people have DSLR and how come I'm taking more picture just using a phone camera??? LOL

Prank xD

Funny face xD

Okay Have to bed earlier today cause I am going to school tomorrow! ^^


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