Monday, June 24, 2013

All Ootd of the Spring-Summer Holiday

Yeah I know I have to squeeze some time for this!

This entry is definitely one of the entries I have planned to do since last holiday.
And of course it takes time to took all the pictures, compile, edit, upload, and share it to the world! :)

I'm so happy that I finally made it happen! 


Okay so this entry is all about Ootd, so I'll just let the pictures do the talking.
(some captions are needed just so you guys wouldn't get bored with the same donkey face rite?) 


So basically, this spring fashion is all about pastel colour. You definitely need to check them out if you haven't because it's still pretty much a hit currently!

Next, Neon colour. You'll see how I rock a NEON GREEN colour during one of the party outfit. :)

Then, a MUST for this season will be the statement necklace and accessories! You guys will also notice them in pretty much half of my pictures!

Also, Top CUT SHIRT.
Make sure you train your stomach to be smaller and sexier before you try this fashion line or else you will be killed :/

Last, Print!
All kind of print at wither your pants or shirt will be the biggest hit!

Point: Pastel and necklace
Love the necklace! <3 <3 <3

Oh another big hit: GALAXY Print!

Acting kawaii as if I'm still young :P

Galaxy print with hair down :)
Like it better????? 

Night party outfit:  Simple and fit :)

Point: Necklace!

Back-to-School look: WiTH THAT SHOES!

party never ends!

Neon Necklace as well!!!!

Ready to party! :DD

Necklace with top-cut shirt

Rock this outfit at Petaling street.

Change them into a night outfit!
Added some redness to be sexier!

Korean Ulzzang! :)
Pants with leopard print!

Pastel blue shirt with pastel purple pants

Cute ma? Cute ma? hihihi <3

The night wild cat 

Gentle floral print 

Casual night with LIGHTNING BOLT

B&W the hit the hit!!!!!

Another outfit for B&W

Casual Beatles with lots of accessories!

The most lady-like outfit for father's day <3

Okay Got to go!

Love ya! <3

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