Thursday, July 11, 2013

DIY Fresh Salad

Let's talk about Salad today!

Me and Toby love salad.
The best salad I've every tried is Secret Recipe's Ceaser Salad.
But only the one made at KB Tesco's tastes the best.

All of us know that salad is a healthy food,
and it's a definite choice fore those of you who determine to get a healthy diet.
But do you know what you should put into your salad bowl to make sure you are taking the right ingredients, at the right amount and at the right choice?

I've been testing some DIY salad and this is by far my favourite DIY salad.
Simple, sweet and of course, tasty!

In here:
Tomatoes, Hard-boiled egg, Romance lettuce.

Simple as this:
Put whatever green vegetables that you like
Put cherries or tomatoes
Hard-boiled egg 
Additional ingredient: raddish, cabbage, mushroom, and raisins

Dressing: Just salt and black pepper.

Green vegetables like romance lettuce, cabbage and broccoli not only gives you fibres and vitamins, but it give your salad that crunch that fulfilled your teeth's desire.

Cherries and Tomatoes is A MUST for ladies who crave for flawless skin.
Beside that, that redness instantly increase your appetite in consuming this lots-of-vegetable cuisine.

Hard boiled egg make your stomach full!
I know most of the girls gave up in dieting since they find vegetables make them hungry,
But no worry ladies, egg could be your replacement!
Egg contain protein which will break down into amino acid, which will be taken out from the body if there's excessive amount.
Which means, it will not store in your body and build tissues like fat does! :)
But beware, do not overdose egg since it contain cholesterol. 
Maximum two eggs per day.

Other vegetables like raddish, onion can be added to increase the nutrient in your serving, just make sure you don't add in any ingredient that contain carbohydrates and fats.

Dressing like cheese and mayonnaise is not suggested since it definitely ruin your whole effort in dieting.
DEFINITELY reduce the amount in consuming mayonnaise as it is made up of unhealthy oil (fat) and offers less nutrient. That's why you couldn't loss weight.
*However, olive oil is a good dressing if you seriously want something-something for your dressing because it's contains good cholesterol (HDL) and antioxidant that prevent body from cancer. 

Lastly, enjoy! :)

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