Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kimchii Kimchii!!!!!

Today's entry is about food again!!!! *I love food!*

and Yeah today's coordinate is so funky! ^^

Me and my kawaii baby went to Tropicana Mall two days ago since she found a delicious Korean restaurant  and WE BOTH LOVE KOREAN FOOD!!!!

Ordered Bee Bim Bap and Green Tea for both of us cause that's the only food we want to eat! hahaha...

Side dishes. 
The good thing in this restaurant is that the side dishes can be refilled! ^^

Baby was like: " Oh I get the chance to eat Korean Food again after a long time!" hahaha.... xD

I was like: " Faster babe take my picture before my saliva drop into the food!" xD

Our Bee Beem Bap.
It's really delicious and SO FREAKING BIG until I used up 2 hours to finish it. Almost unable to finish it. 

I didn't take my dinner that day. Thx to that too. ;)

Last, a picture of my with kawaii baby. 

Miss you liao. xD

oh ya,
Make sure all Korean Fans like me visit the restaurant ya!!!! ;)

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