Sunday, October 28, 2012

Something Nice at the Airport

Random picture taken last holiday with roomate Ting.

I know most of you were trying to pack and be ready to go back even it's exam weeks Be calm and steady, cause before you go back, let me introduce to you a very nice restaurant placed in Subang Airport. Anyone taking Firefly flight would have the opportunity to experience and great deal there. ;)

This is it! 
Cafe Barbera!

Those who live in KL would know this coffee shop cause they have their HQ at Bangsar. You guy should be shocked cause it has its franchise at the airport. Guess they are trying to get very international uh?  
What a creative thought! ^^

Okay, let me give you some introduction before we move on to pictures. 
Cafe Barbera is a Italian Cafe that offers Pasta Cakes and Confectionary. They have their slogan written in CAPITAL LETTER, saying that it has MORE THAN 140 YEARS OF COFFEE PERFECTION.

and I was like = O

You can see the check in counter on the left. 

One of the most creative decoration on the top of my head would be the mirrors. 
You guy don't miss thought that these is a painting, cause they are plain mirrors!

Proved. ;)

Tried their perfect cappuccino and then I was so naughty to play.......

So fugly..... ><

I ordered Smoked Duck Salad and guess what? It was Fantastic.

 Bolognese Spaghetti

Mmmm yummy!!!!! ^^

Okay, thanks for sparing some time with me and hope you have a good day! 

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