Friday, October 26, 2012

Random 102612012

Imagine life without ice-cream?

I'll be dead by now.

Okay, it's just a random entry as I'm totally fed up with study today. Went out for a break at McDonald (again) at 5pm to get their latest product-- Coffee Oreo Mcflurry.

God Love Me so much, cause He knows I love coffee and McFlurry. And Oreo.
And He just comes out with Coffee + McFlurry + Oreo.
OMG I Love You A Lot.
Seriously what ice-cream can be better than this now?
unless it's less sweeter one, then they might beat up McD's.

My current update: Nothing much, study, McD and Sleep could sum up my life. So sad to write this out cause I myself not dare to weight now. Might get serious rise in calories. T.T

Hey, it's not my fault, I've no better place to go anymore, not like KL, you can more choices, sometimes you get confuse yourself too. lol.
Today is Malays' Haji Korban Day, all the restaurant close for the whole day, McD only opens at noon, so the only place I could visit is McD, so don't blame me. ><

Below are some random pictures taken at McD. Yours truly. ;)

My dinner, with two packs of french fries because my friend said she doesn't want it.

Okay, another thing that is more interesting would probably be my own selca photoshooting. I found myself LOL when writing this. So freaking bored with study then just took me less than 30 mins for the whole make up and shooting, so I don't know if this is even a good sharing. xD

Inspired by my favourite Model: Liu Wen. I've tried to be like her but I realised my face was longer, which makes the whole imitation failed, but I guess I have my own signature uh? ;)

Model: Eleanor Ling
Make Up: Eleanor Ling
Photographer: Eleanor Ling
Edition: Eleanor Ling


Nice ma???

Anyway, did you guys realised that I've only one picture with the effects changing? Haha... I'm sorry... :P

Okay, another news for you, Twilight fans:


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