Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moo Cow Session

Look Dumb here but I like it ><

Ok, went to the Curve to taste Moo Cow after finish my SBE at school during the holiday. Such a late post. But since I haven't been to the Curve, I asked my sweetheart to bring me there so that I'm not that outdated. lol.

Selca on the way to the destination.

I've had Moo Cow ice-cream during my Taiwan trip when I was young but I couldn't remember how was the taste any more. Memory issues. So, I decided to try it once again and this time it's in Malaysia. I'm an ice-cream serious lover and I love to eat all types of ice-cream, including Gelato ice-cream and milk ice-cream.  

Moo Cow offers Frozen Yoghurt Ice-Cream, which sounds healthier than those milky ice-cream that sells at 7-Eleven. sorry I don't mean to offend. From what I've been told, the final product of their ice-cream  is a mix of yogurt, milk & certain ‘stabilisers”. The culture used is actually a product from his own fermentation. Sugar is used very conservatively in Moo Cow’s yoghurt. They have only a few types of flavour cause they want to control their quality while experimenting new flavour.

The Moo Cow kiosk is placed at the end of the aisle of the restaurant section. We have searched and asked for direction because it's quite hard to spot it, but here is it! ^^

Ordered two flavour: Original and their current flavour, Cinnamon. 
1) Strawberry (idk why I would choose that cause I've never chosen a strawberry flavour) with Almond 
2) Oreo crumps with forgotten what the nuts called.

The taste is quite special, cause it's not like the normal ice-cream taste. It taste sour than sweet, with very mild milky textures compared to normal ice-cream, but seriously, it taste healthy. hahaha.

Talk to you guy soon! ^^
Ootd: US Tops and Nicchi jeans with black flats. 
love the sexy top that shows my tummy. xD

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