Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2012 Chinese Cultural Night

Haiya everyone!

Last week, I took part in a Chinese Cultural Night at my school and it was awesome!
The best part is, it was published in the newspaper!

Life is so beautiful. <3

Here, let me show you some eye candy cause everyone has put their make up on and turned to become a bunch of pretty and handsome teacher in school!  


Me with my very lovely junior (brother).

Michelle and Ah Ni

The master of ceremony of the night

Chin Theng look super damn cute in this picture, not a waste to put it in my entries to share with you guy this beautiful lady, isn't it?

Now, let me show the only ghost in the room.... 

Someone without make up.....

Someone with blue contact lens .......

Someone who leaves her hair down and doesn't even comb her hair......

it's me!

Baby Jing Wen said I look like a ghost but I tell her:"where is there a ghost who is so dark for its skin???
 I think I'm right! xD

So the naked face reveal.

Okay lar beside showing you my naked face, I also wanna share with you guys about my new clothing: Louis Vuittion by Loius Vuitton

It's so cool isn't it? ^^

Michelle look seriously pretty with the make up.. ^^

Guess who is this??? Hahaa, it's my roomate!!!! xD

Ah Ni


Love this pictures so very much cause it makes me feel like a celebrity, doesn't it? Credit to Baby Jing wen lol! <3

See the result of make up is awesome! God bless women!!!

Lorshini, another pretty girl I've meet in my life.

the chio mc, me and Poh the main character in the play.

The bad guy!!!

The rocker! xD

And so the show starts.

I didn't take much pictures for the whole event because I was busy watching the show. I steal some pictures from friends so here is it!

Baby Jing Wen...<3

Mr USM hahahaha...xD

Dennis (keep on asking me to take pictures) =.=

Johnny the master of ceremony! Handsome right? (not available lolox) 

Chen Ching the sexy lady wohooooooo!!!!!!

Joey main character

Shu Harn the Best Traditional Dancer

Argghhh soooo cute!!!!! >.<

We rock the world!!! xD

Same  reaction when hitting the flash! xD

Johnny:"Finally Finished!" hahahaha!!!

Wei, me and Ni. 

Wei... <3

Miss it! :)

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