Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Malaysia's First 7D Cinema Rider -- in Kelantan!!

Yes you heard it right, it's 7D Cinema!
7D Cinema Rider is going to open in Tesco, Kota Bharu, Kelantan on the 3rd of January 2014.

Me, Michelle, Pei Si, Win Wei and Amelia got the chance to try it for FREE! Wohoo!!

We met the boss and talk with him and his friends there.

The screen I secretly captured ><

Pei si with the 3D spectacles :)

Overall the show was not bad, it only takes around 10 minutes per show.
The 3D spectacles is a bit lousy compare to the real 3D theatre's,
and you've got to choose the right movie to watch to really enjoy it.

(We watched two movies, the Avatar and the Eagle. The first one is lame but I screamed like hell for the second one!)

Since we got the chance to talk to the boss there, we get to know that the entrance fee is very cheap yo!!! 
Adult: RM 9 / person
Kids: RM 7 / person

Damn cheap right!

Plus, since it is a small cinema which only contain maximum nine seats per show,
you guys can book the whole cinema and choose the show you wanna play!
And let me tell you,
There are 90+ movies selection for you to choose!
 Plus, you can get discount if you come in a group! :)

So it's worth a try friend!
At least you can tell your friends that you have entered a 7D cinema before! 

What is 7D?
Discover it yourself!
Good Luck! ;)

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