Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Pie Thing - Damansara

It's December baby!

I got to say this is a real late update as I got so many thing to post yet so less mood to do so ><
(yea we are talking about mood right now)

During the Halloween season (now you know how late this post is) 
I got a chance to meet up with my primary friends
and they have taken me to explore new restaurant in Damansara

A Pie Thing is not really a newly open restaurant 
but since I haven't tried it out I kinda make it to the "New-list".

The restaurant is kinda small and I have got to say the place is kinda congested when it's crowded with people. 

There are quite lots of pie choices for you to choose,
and since it's named after the "pie", 
all you gotta order is their PIE

You have to order your food at the counter, which makes it more congested in some way ><

All you gotta do is customize your pie, or they called it as 'Mashacre' 
(either gravy+peas+mash+pie / gravy+mash+pie)
and other food / beverage you want
pay the bills,
and take the food at the side of the counter. 

It's me at the counter
(Thanks to the 'almighty' Hwei Teing boss I got an extra pictures on the blog haha :D )

Some Ussies (plural for selfie haha) for memory <3

So here is what we ordered!
The beverage: from top: green tea latte, some kinda tea I forgot, long black
The food: Chicken mushroom, and the pie (without peas)

Also, we have an extra order for the Halloween!
It's the Graveyard Pie!
Although it look super tempting to me,
the taste is kinda decent as they just put the creme in the pie,
top with chocolate chips, jelly sweets and the customized 'finger' biscuit.
It's really pretty to look at, but don't mind the taste. ;)

The 'Mashacre'
This pie is a must try if you visit A Pie Thing.
They make the pie in the perfect way: 
the crust is so crusty yet didn't crumble much when you pick them up,
and I am totally in love with the gravy mix with the mash.
Perfect combination. :)

Chicken Mushroom with Ice cream 
I have no idea how the chicken and mushroom can mix with the ice-cream
but the pie has already tasty even without its topping.
I know it's meant to be eating together with the topping, 
but I don't mind eating them separately. 
So you can either mix them together while eating,
or you can separate them if you find it kinda weird to eat them together :)

Another thing I have to truly give a shout out 
it's their Green Tea Latte!
The best Green tea latte I have ever taste so far.
It has the best green tea smells
and hat I love the most it's that they haven't put too much of sugar in it.
Probably a lil bitter for those who has sweet tooth,
but it's absolutely fine for me ;)

 All right!
That's it for today! 
If you ever crave for pie,
make sure to check them out! ;)

A Pie Thing
Address: 128G, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 4:00pm - 11:00pm
Facebook: click here

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