Friday, December 5, 2014

Magnum Cafe Finally in Mid Valley!

Hooray Hooray Peeps!
Magnum Cafe is in Malaysia (finally)! :D

Well, if you guy are wondering,
the first Magnum was opening in Bangkok, not really far away from our country. 
Now it has the third outlet in Indonesia as well.
Guess Magnum has its best market around the South East Asia ;)
and I can totally relate as my friends were the total Magnum hardcore fans.
(Remember those day, where you were willing to tie your stomach just to save enough money to buy a stick of magnum at the 7e store? Ha!) :D

In 2013,
Magnum has taken another leap to opening a Magnum-theme cafe 
Their first Magnum cafe was in Siam Centre, Bangkok. 
They had a real good response hence the second in Midvalley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.

So yesterday,
I got a chance to try out the brand new Magnum cafe opened in Midvalley.
I wasn't really sure if I wanted to tried it out as I don't really have sweet tooth.
But since I promise Jing Brother to accompany him to the outlet
I was thinking: "Why don't I give it a try?" 

Without further delay,
let's hop into the Land of Ice-Cream! :D

I am happy to see there's not so much of crowd when we went there.
(I told Jing Brother if it's a long queue outside then I'll pass. )

The display, showing you how beautiful the ice-cream can be when you put some effort in it ;)

Love the simple and beautiful design of the shop.

The main point in the photo is the wall at painting. 
I guess I can make one of this in my room too. :D

The uncle in front of me must be like:
Waaa so many choice my jaw gonna drop, my saliva drooling :D

I like the lights on top of the ceiling
Looking like the dripping chocolate and I feel like licking :P

So how is the magnum cafe different from the usual Magnum ice-cream stick around the store?

Magnum cafe has customized their own very classic ice-cream stick into a beautiful yet delicious dessert. 
There's two type of orders:
The Classic, where they have already done the customize
Make My Magnum, where you can choose the dips and the toppings by your own. 

So the procedure of ordering:

Decide what kind of order you want. 
The Classic is good for those who has no idea of how and which toppings are good in combination.
Make my Magnum is fun and interesting to choose if you are those adventure type ;)

Order and Pay.
Grab the resit and move on to the next side at the counter

Show your resit and the Waiter will do the Classic for you. 

Whereas for the "Make My Magnum", you choose your type of magnum ice-cream (vanilla or brownies)

toppings now ;)

The topping choices. 
Pick only three of them for Make My Magnum.

Pick your dips
(vanilla, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate)

The waiter then put the topping on top

choose your top dips 
(vanilla, milk choc, or dark choc)

Then you're done! 
Enjoy your Magnum :)

We picked two order
The top one is under "Make My Magnum"
The below one is under "The Classic"-- The Super Gochi

For the Make My Magnum,
we picked brownies Magnum ice-cream,
dip in dark chocolate,
added dried chili flakes, dried mango, hazelnut and choco chips  as toppings (the waiter allow us to pick an extra since Jing Brother asked for :D) 
then at last, top with white chocolate. 
I think I will called it the "Craze Spices" :D

Happy Jing Brother :)

To my very surprise the dessert wasn't too sweet.
It has the most creative way of eating the ice-cream and it made the whole eating process funny as the topping fall out :D

The Super Gochi wasn't too much of a suprise
but the Chili-Mango "Craze Spice" was really nice!
We are really proud to say that we can Make My Magnum! :D

Last but not least,
a short video to sum up the day :)

All right!
That's it for this post!
I hope your guys enjoy ;)

Magnum Cafe
Location: T-023, 3rd Floor (same wing as GSC Cinemas) Mid Valley Megamall
Business hours: Sunday to Thursday (10am to 10pm), Friday & Saturday (10am to 12am, last call at 11.30pm)

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