Friday, August 22, 2014

Turn the Summer Ootd Into Fall Ootd

Helololor there!
Well, the title says it all. 
So here you go!

I was fully inspired to do blog about it because I know girls,
Your Wardrobe is in a MESS.

When you have too many clothes in the cupboard but you still have no idea how to wear on trend,
Here you come to the right place.

I am a very pocket-tight person so I always think MORE THAN TWICE when I buy a dressing.
Whatever it is, including the underwear I bought has the reason why I bought them.
I'll make sure I can get full used of them before I kick their asses into my wardrobe.

So that day, 
I was wondering if I can mix match summer dress and make it into a fall Ootd. 
So here's my advice:
1) Find something we called the ADD-ON: jacket, lace, socks, etc
2) colour match with anything pale. (When you come to fall you will know the trend is mostly on pale and nude colour)
3) Minimize the accessories, but if you are the hard core accessories fans, go with nude and pale colour as well. :)

Here' some of my example. ;)

Summer Ootd                           Turn-Fall Ootd
The Add-On: Jacket

Summer Ootd                           Turn-Fall Ootd
The Add-On: Scarf

Summer Ootd                           Turn-Fall Ootd
The Add-On: Another Piece of Clothes. BIG ONE.

The Summer (left) go with bright colour, but the Fall (right) go with nude and pale colour :)

Selection of Shoe style
The Add-On: Socks. 

All right!
Hope you guys gain something from here!
Would also love to hear your Turn Summer to Fall Ootd idea! :)

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