Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Manhattan Fish Market in Kota Bharu, Kelantan

There's nothing more happy than to blog about FOOD! :D

The Manhattan Fish market is finally opened in Kota Bharu. 
It's very first branch in Kelantan., and probably the first in East Coast area too. 

Photos were taken few weeks back.
I wasn't free enough to blog so I procrastinate until today :P

Anyway, here's the menu ;)

It's an open air restaurant with beautiful lighting.
I would say the theme is more to market style. 
Something like road, junctions to the market. 
yea something like that. 

The well decorated wall.

The most iconic wall painting in the restaurant. 
Everyone want to take its picture idk why but I, too, took it. :P

The food we ordered. 
Couldnt remember the name so I'll update it once I recall :P

I went the other day and tried out the other food.

Sizzling caramel cake was the most special dessert I have tried. 
Never know MFM will sell dessert tho xD
However it's way too sweet for me. :(

Last but not least, Yours truly :)

I would say the food is nice.
They have lots of variation for you to pick.
However, if you have a tight pocket, 
you might need to think twice. 
The price is fix according to their Head Quarter's price list, 
so it's according to KL price.
(if you get what I mean).

Anyway, got to go! 
Good night! :D

The Manhattan Fish Market
Location: KB Mall Third Floor (near to bowling side)
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm. 

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