Saturday, January 5, 2013

Birthday Celebration Part 2

Haiyo, this is the another one. 

It's my birthday night post!!!!

I promise to hold a special party with my friends for my 20th birthday 
So I arranged them with lovely Gin Ger before that.
*Thank you so much Gin Ger for giving me such patient when I'm undecided about almost EVERYTHING*

Basically, she's planning everything for me. 
I did nothing except inviting and dress up prettily for the day lol.

So my look of the day:

Seek barber to curl my hair eventhought i like to do it myself.
Thanks for that, I've pretty enough time to do my nails! xD

Don't have time to do specialty so just a plain light maroon colour will do :) 

Ootd: Tangerine blazer and black tube dress. A pair of front-cut-boots :)

Gin Ger the superwoman who makes the party happen *Oh miss you so much honey~*

It's my birthday so I'm gonna do whatever I want!!!
Hahahaha... *camwhore*

And guess what? 
Toby the "scum" came down purposely for my birthday. He's such a dumbass if you guys know him, cause he didn't even remember his own birthday, but since remember my birthday, I have to forgive him for the rest of his mistakes.. hahahaha....

(Sorry Toby you know I meant nothing but it's all just a joke) :)

So our venue set at TGIF, even this is suggested by Gin Ger. I have no opinion at all.... >.<

May Yee babe ;)

Lovely Michelle I never thought she would be able to make it even thought I invited her. 

I was like "Hey this cannot be cause I have to be in the centre since I'm the birthday girl!!! Let's take it again!" 

And they let me xD

Me, Zhi Yuan, and Gin Ger <3

Eveyone picked up their food. 
Shared Ceaser Salad with Toby. 

My own Cheeseburger

Then the funniest thing happened. 

The Band was singing and shouting.

For me!

and I was so stunt cause I don't know this would happen. Not until May Yee told me that I've have great choice for choosing TGIF.
Apparently I have no idea about it until I'm there and heard they screaming for another girl with the same birthday as me. ><

Didn't get much good pictures cause I was so awkward and nervous. 
They screamed (yes screamed), and shouted and forced my to sing a song.

And what I did was: " OMG I forgot what I can sing!"
Then I stood there stupidly waiting for rescue...

Too bad no one was willing to take this bad offer and I didn't blame them.

So I just started to sing:
" Jingle bell, jingle bell, 
Jingle all the way"
and I started to forget the lyrics, so....
"Bla bla bla.....
Bla bla bla.....
Bla bla bla bla bla

LOL they were laughing......

*Failure I was the best singer before and I just ruined everything*

Apparently 8th December is an ordinary date for birthday, we have at least 5 birthday babies just in a small restaurant, and the crews basically just did the same thing over and over again the whole night. So I got the chance to capture a view of what is happening to me and the other birthday buddies :)

And here's my cake!!!
It's handmade by Gin Ger
With Macaroon!!!!!

The tiny hemisphere around the cake is Macaroons, 
and the cake is almost 70% cocoa....

Took a picture with my lovely chef here ;)

So here's the rest of the pictures. I guess I should just let the pictures do the talking ;)

That's it for today....
Woah such a long post!

Before I end this post, I want to thank May, Zhi Yuan, Gin Ger, Michelle and Toby for joining me celebrating the birthday.
It was a very memorable birthday for me :)

Coming up: The birthday presents I received. 

See ya!

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