Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OMG, 2013 is Here

Woah, I thought 2012 is the world end and I might not able to survive till 2013.


But I am here, welcome 2013!

Did you guys made your own resolution every year?

Yes, I do. 

And I purposely force myself to write it down here because I seriously feel that I will work harder to achieve it when I write it here. Don't know why is it, it just make me feel responsible I guess? ;)

Eleanor 2013 Resolution:

1) Saving: Save RM 100 per month. 
It's good to keep this as a habit so I must start saving money now. 
(really hope this will work!)

2) Spirit: Read one chapter of bible a day. 
I am very missing out since the holiday *guilty guilty*. 
Now I really have to do self-reflection. :P

3) Reading: Read at least a chapter of book (novel) 
I feel this is necessary, so that I can all my unread novel soon ;)

1) Better financial management
2) Better time management
3) Improve reading comprehension
4) Stay close with God.

Mental Concept:

1. Accept the original me
2. Find the true love
3. Be happy and grateful of what I have.

and one more thing....
 I got a Boy Meotjin!!! @.@

So cool right? I was waiting for it to release since holiday.
Everyone was discussing about the teaser and now it finally came out! 
Oh I love all of them!!!! ^^

So that's it! 
Hope you guys have a wonderful year and Happy New Year! ;)

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