Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Party at Vertigo

Hai ya everyone!

What have you done in the past few weeks?

I just attended party with my lovely two cousin and friends at Vertigo.

Simply couldn't describe the craziness inside!

Ootd: Summer style Black and White dress.
Not really eye-catching i know but I got no clue what to wear to be more "summer-ish" that night.
*wrong fashion line* LOL

Quak said "it's fine to do funny face cause you are just drunk" 

Wanna have some? ;)

Stupid didi acting nerd in the club? hihii!!!!

Got the glowing stick and I just put it in the drink! 
*Good way to recognize your drink in the dark*

Had so much fun there, 
hope you guys are having a great time as well!!!!

Happy holiday everyone! 


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