Friday, November 1, 2013

Zhi Yuan's Birthday @ Library BBT Klang

Yea it's My BBF Zhi Yuan's Birthday!
Have lotsa fun in Library!
This time I am so greatful as I get the chance to go back to Klang to celebrate with her! ^^

And you know what is the best thing?
Kwai Yean the almost-become-Australian came back froem Aussie!!!!

Yea so how can I miss it?

Time to get dress! ^^
So this is my pretty outfit ( :P ), 
I'm sure you guys have seen it in my previous blog post or my facebook page. :)

All the pretty accessories I can't resist :)

Ordered Whole bunch of HoeGarden and Calrsbergs (TOWER) in mission of get the birthday girl DRUNK!!!! :P

Quak my best company LOL xD

So here's the cake! Spacially Made  by Chef GinGer wohoo!!!!! ^^

Zhi Yuan naik miang with her bf after we made her drink a whole tower of Carlsberg! xD

Crazy Ginger just cannot open her eyes so she did this pose LOL


Ginger know I like Choc! hahahaha!!! xD

Blow a kiss for the birthday girl! ^^

Can see the mission accomplished!!!!! hahahaha!!!!

Another picture of Ginger-can't-get-her-eyes-open!!!! xD

Happy Birthday Zhi Yuan!
Thanks Ginger!
Nice to see you again Kwai Yean!!!
Best Friends Forever!!! ^^

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