Friday, November 29, 2013

Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara Review

I was suppose to update this earlier but I forgot!
But anyway here we go.

Maybelline latest mascara,
named 'The Rocket Volum' Espress'

(bet they want to make the formula dries super quick hence the name 'rocket')

sorry, just having fun ><

Looking at the brush, it was like a silicon-plastic like brush, short and stiff instead of the ordinary brushy style we use to get for mascara.

This is how it look when I stroked the brush i my finger for a few times.

What i realize is, that you need to give it a few strokes in order to get the really-thick formula.
*Something I wouldn't like.

I straight press the formula onto the tissue paper to try out their dryness.

It appears to me that it dries quickly though its wet texture. (a plus point_ ;) )

So here is the look after I applied the mascara

Zoom in :)

Before and after:
Since it's focusing on volume, I would say it make a great success in increasing the volume of my lashes.
However, if you look clearly through the pictures, you will notice that it makes no different for the length of lashes.

That makes a disappointment for me as I have short eyelashes and would really need a mascara which would lengthen my eyelashes.

Now let's remove the make up and see the result:  
As I remove the formula, I discover the tiny strands/fibre on the cotton pad. It means that the formula harden to make sure the face is not smudge by the formula, which it really work on my face ;)

So overall, I would say this mascara is a good use to those who has long lashes and require volumizing mascara. 

Sad to say, but I am still not really satisfy with it since I need something that can lengthen and volumizing my lashes at the same time. I would prefer the Malybelline the Falsies Volume Express Black Drama.   So I will keep discovering until I find it :)

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