Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sushi King KB Mall -- Oh God It's All About Food!

All right it's going to be food again!
Remember I told you guys that something BIG is going on here in Kelantan?
Here you go,
Sushi King is just right beside Seoul Garden!

Heck I have been eating too much food two days straight >.<

Went there last two days and it was a long queue. 
Crazy with people lining up since 1pm because it's the time where the shops close for Muslims' prayers.
Me and HP were lucky to arrive there just a bit earlier to not be at the very end of the queue -..-

fyi: This is the very first Sushi Restaurant open in Kelantan and I can be sure that all the Kelantanese have been craved for sushi for a long time.
Probably go for sushi restaurant every time they travel around the world LOL.

Full House right after the shop reopens ><

Some green tea, sir? :)

Something worth for second round. ;)

.......Oh, may be third. >.<

Shit I forgot to remember what the food name is.
Baked Salmon Fish???
and I definitely love the Charwanchen and the miso soup!!!! So Yummy!!!

Nice baked fish. 
I would prefer a lil bit less cooked cause I like it raw ><

And then the very awesome side dishes :)

Not bad.

I always like squid but this one.... a little too dry for me.
Probably they are lack of sauce of put on it -..-

This is definitely one of the best!

And don't overlook these ugly ducklings.
They are freaking delicious once you chew. ;)

HP's favourite scallop 
(for me it's not much of a different from fish ball ><)

Salmon Salmon Salmon!
Salmon Salmon Salmon!
Salmon Salmon Salmon!

Haha ok la we were crazy cause we ordered cake in a sushi restaurant.
Not good. 
Definitly not worth a try unless you have too much penny in your pocket.
(oh, you can give them to me).

but not least ;)
Happy Eating! ^^

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