Monday, June 18, 2012

Surabaya Ep1

Went to Surabaya for a four-day-two-night trip with my family in the Mid-term break. A lot of my friends were asking me where the heck place is it. Well, well, Surabaya is located in Indonesia. It's the second-largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and most of the Indo-Chinese lived here. However, unlike the Malaysian-Chinese, the Indo-Chinese do not speak Mandarin. They all speak Bahasa Indonesia. Didi borrowed D5100 camera from Jay so that we can have better photoshoots even thought he has his own DSLR. See how greedy people always are.

Anyway, this is the photos taken during the first day we reached Indonesia. We stayed in Hotel D'Season. It's 15 minutes drive to Marina Plaza and a 30 minutes drive from Juanda Airport. Surabaya has no specific vacation to visit but it's worth to go if to gain a different experience with the Indonesians. All I can say about Surabaya is, it's a lovely place to visit. ^^

The surrounding of Juanda Airport.

Our hotel - D'Season Hotel.

The indoor but open air (lolx) Swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

In the afternoon, we went out and stroll. We went to Marina Plaza and the roads here were quite busy with transportation.

Nice architectural building.

During the evening, we enter this Warung BuKris for dinner. The restaurant here closes as early as 8pm so we went there at around 7pm. 

They are popular with their Ayam Penyet, so we ordered some and it tastes FABULOUS!!!!!!

Sup Soto and it's a beef soup which tastes MARVELLOUS as well. 

So this is the first day of our trip and I hope you enjoy this post with the colourful lifestyle in Indonesia. Stay tune! <3

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