Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh no! NO Haze!

Haze is covering almost all the place in Klang Valley. My housing area are affected too until I was unable to sleep once since the heavy smell and the hectic feeling of it. Didi was having a bad flu or nose infection cause he's very very very sensitive to air pollution while I was having some eye irritation like this:

Do you know that haze can affect your health? If you do, how can you prevent yourself to get infection of it?

As I read through the haze report through online "the Star" , I began to worry about the haze affection to our health. I googled it and found more information about it. I think it's an essential knowledge to all of us so that we can do precaution to protect ourselves and our loves one.

Haze is caused due to inflammation and emission from power plants, industrial activities, traffic and farming practices. In Malaysia, do you notice that haze problem always occur during the month of May and June? I think the factor are very obvious and clear to everyone of us-- the forest burning activities in Sumatera, Indonesia. The problem became more serious when it's the summer season. According to Bernama, the DOE reported that Malaysia was experiencing the effect of the southwest monsoon which brings with it hot and dry weather that is expected to prolong up to September.


So guy who lives in Klang Valley better keep reading now.

How Haze can Impact Your Health?
1) Eye Inflammation or conjunctivitis
2) Nasal Irritation stimulates mucus production
3) Throat Irritation leads to mucus discharge which can clog the respiratory tract
4) Lung tissue inflammation and scarring.

In addition, people with medical condition (e.g asthma, heart disease, lung disease, chronic sinusitis and skin allergy)  should taken more precaution as your condition can be worsen by the haze.

How to Protect Yourself from Haze?
It's very important that you take enough precaution so that you can be protected. Haze can be as worse as sucking the air coming out from the smokers. Imagine that.

1)Minimize outdoor activities, especially outdoor sports.When you need to go outside, wear a face mask.
2) Close all windows and openings that may allow haze to enter your home or office. If you are staying in a building with a central air conditioning system, install an air cleaning device to reduce the amount of air contaminants in your building. At home, use a portable air purifier to keep the particulate levels low. Fine particles can enter an air-conditioned building through the fresh air intake and by infiltration through openings and gaps. Keep your air-conditioner in tip-top working condition with regular cleaning and servicing.
3) If you are suffering from any existing disease, remember to take your medication regularly.
4) If you are feeling breathlessness, seek medical attention immediately.
5) Drink a lot of water. Water can regulates body temperatures and sort of purify your body from the haze. ;)
6) Eat healthily. Emphasis on the fruits and vegetables as they keep you out of the sickness. So, NO Durian even though it's their reaping season now (Bear with it!)
8) Enough sleeping 

Reader: Try to be a healthy baby free from air pollution. Stay Healthy for Wealthy! ^^

Music of The Day: Light by Ellie Goulding.

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