Saturday, June 2, 2012

German Delicacy... (non-Halal)

No offence, do German people really big big in their size? I've neither went to German before nor have a German friend so I can't really get a correct answer about it.

on the way to KL.

But seriously, their food is very very very big in amount.

I said, not very big. It's very very very big. I mean triple big.

Ok. Their story starts from one of my friend who took me to One Utama and we are starving since it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon and we hadn't had our lunch yet. I hurried myself to pick up any restaurant that look delicious in their outer design and finally I walked into one restaurant named "Dave Bistro and Bar Grill"..

We simply picked up any food that sound nice for their names or at least look nice in the pictures. You can hardly imagine how hungry we were. I ordered Pork Knuckle and my friend ordered Assorted Sausages. Can't really remember their full names so I just tell you guy the names written in the resit.  

We waited and waited and waited and finally they came. My friend's sausage came first and they looked super duper good. The sausages looked super big and the whole meal is almost my half usual meal. Any how, it tastes fabulous! ;)

Shouldn't post this pictures in the middle of the night. *stomach growling*

What really surprise us was not the Triple Big Sausage, but what came next for my so called Knuckle Pork. It may not looks surprising in the photo, but you guy guess what?

Hmm, how should I explain this to you? Let's see, if  I said the sausage is super big, then this pork (only the pork) is Super Duper and Triple Big. 

Got it? Now I got what it means by "knuckle". If you guys don't understand the meaning of knuckle, it means some sort of the pork's leg.

I must be crazy to eat the whole PORK's LEG.

The aunties sitting behind us was looking with their mouths open. Another customer walked pass with the whole surprising look added with the "WAO!" intonation. The best part is, we were sitting at the very front of the restaurant. Which makes every customers walked passed with their eyes focus on the super big meal. Eating By a Girl.

My friend was laughing all the way during our meal and I don't know if we are really full cause of the meal or due to too much laughing. Whatever it is, we managed to finish it and went to the cinema without even bother to buy a  cup of beverage since the stomachs can't even accept a drop of water.

Crazy story. I concluded it with a question: Do German eat that much? Cause there's no caption saying the knuckle is for more than one serving. Or I am just to numb to pick the glamorous name with a knuckle in it? Answer me.

Thx Buddy! ;)

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