Monday, May 28, 2012

Elianto Nails Cracker Lacquer


Okay, first of all, I'm not a promoter of Elianto company, I'm neither sibling or whatever relatives of Elianto company since many people told me that "Eleanor" sounds and looks almost like "Elianto".

I'm just posting something I've been waiting for for almost 3 years. And it finally came to Elianto.

Nail Cracker is one of the latest design that just got popular in Malaysia, but you know what? I knew this product since Form 5 and I've been waiting for it like years!!!

I went to Paradigm KL yesterday and thought to buy the base coat and the top coat only, but as I walked pass the nails care section, I was lucky that I was able to catch a glimpse on the latest product in Elianto--- It's the Nails Cracker!

Other high-end companies have released this nails crackers series long time ago (e.g The face shop) but this Elianto company that I've been always waiting for them has just only released it.

I was both sad and happy. Sad cause for me, it has already outdated (but of course, since it just got released in Malaysia, it's still considered fashionable); Happy cause they are releasing in a cheaper 
and affordable price, that is RM 19 per bottle only! Fyi, if I'm not mistaken, the Face Shop are selling it in RM 24.90. It's almost ten ringgit cheaper you know... hehe.

Nails Cracker is a design where the nail lacquer cracks itself that creates a unique polishes. Some of you maybe thinks it's a piece of shit, but some of them think it's cool! Check out the examples below:

Fyi, Elianto Nails Cracker series sells in various shades (e. white, red, blue etc), but I only buy their white cause I don't bring enough money with me that day...  *sad*  Never mind, I'll buy it later. I've check on their official web page and it surprise me that they haven't even update about it yet. So that's means I'm the first to promote this Nails Cracker series here? Haha, I'm proud.

So here's the packaging look. The packaging are almost the same with their other nails care products, just added some nails cracker design around the caps.

The Nails Cracker Lacquer texture is quite dull and watery, but I think it will be good after you apply the top coat and you must do so cause they are really easy to ripped off. However, I suppose every nails cracker series in every brand has the same texture cause it helps to produce the crack effect? I've once tried the Face Shop's and they have almost the same texture too just that their's thicker cause I used their sample. I don't really sure about it.

Here I'm going to show you the steps for a basic Nails Cracker Design:

After applying base coat, apply any colour of polish that you like.

After the polish dries, apply the nails cracker lacquer. Apply two layer  of nails cracker lacquer before it dries for a better result.

Apply top coat for finishing and enchantment.

Anyway, I'm loving it now and will wear it during this holiday for any party and date! Hope you guy check it out too! ;)



  1. How much is elianto top and base coat?

  2. I'm here to check out how the crack comes out haha. They're having a sale on their website for only Rm 2, don't know if I should buy it or not :O