Sunday, May 13, 2012

KL Trip Day 2

I know I shouldn't blog now, but I'm just too lazy to study. So, let's move on to our next day of KL trip!

We went to KLCC, Midvalley and Petaling street that day, ate a lot and shopped a lot. I especially, ate the most. xD

Never mind let me be fat now and I'll just keep fit later. xP

Camwhore Pictures @ KLCC.

 Me and my lovely roomate. <3

Go out and Hunt NOW!

My new Shade (From Vincci)

 Macaroon!!!! (@Harrods, KLCC)

Breakfast @Coffee Bean, KLCC


This is one of my Favourite place in Midvalley for now--- Tong Pak Fu!

Toby is the friend of the bos, Ching To, so I've had a great lunch there! <3
 @Tong Pak Fu, Midvalley Megamall

Then we went for snowflake, another famous place in Midvalley mall..

You guy already know I can't resist ice-cream right?

I came across to Haagens Danz and....... (you know what I'm going to say) ;P

These are ice-cream too! (I'm gonna try it out next time.)

I ordered green tea flavour, and it look like... shit. 

 I like it, but my friends were like: "What the heck ice-cream you are eating? Gosh, get the hell out of me!" 
Poor me... 
Never mind I enjoyed the whole things. ;)

Believe me, it's really nice.

Then we boost our energy at BOOST. @Midvalley

Tea time at Carl's Jr. @Midvally.

After hunting all the food that we want, we finally moved on the Petaling street, one of the famous place in KL . It's a good place to shop, not only for girls, but for guys too! 

The bos couldn't help himself giving a thumb up sign when I snapped the picture. haha.

Our dinner. @ 金莲记.

Shi Ting's happy expression when it comes to her favourite Lou Xu Fan... 
Sorry dear cause it's too cute, I've to put it up. ;P

Conclusion: Very fattening day, but I enjoyed the whole day. 
I don't know if there are any other interesting places that I've not been to, so if you guys know, please share it with me! <3

okay, tomorrow I'm gonna die. Really.

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