Monday, May 21, 2012

My Energy Booster

Feeling tired everyday cause you have to work or study like it's another boring day

Come on we need an Energy Booster!!!

As I was wondering what kind of energy booster we can have to energize our day in the shopping mall, I came across to the drinks sections. I wondered around and found the coffee store. If you guy know me well, you'll definitely know that I'm a coffee-holic! haha. So I saw my booster-of-the-Must--- NESCAFE.

So here's it it!!!! COFFEE!

My mum WAS used to be a super coffee-holic too. She love coffee like she loves shopping. haha. As I was still a little kid, I had gastric problem which caused me not to drink coffee. I didn't know the taste of the little creature that time, since I couldn't really enjoy it (My stomach was very naughty!) So all I can do was just stared and smelled at the coffee that my mum brewed everyday. And fascinating it was, cause it started with NESCAFE.

Now, as my gastric recovered, LOVE COFFEE!!!!

I wondered around the drink section, and there're quite a few brands of coffee there. I like to try new brand of coffee, but what really surprises me is that I always go back to Nescafe.

Which means that My life is all NESCAFE.

I love it now, and I'll love it till the end. ;)

And now as I'm writing this post, there's another can of Nescafe Original Can Drink beside me.

See, I told you... xD

They are not only taste good, but it energizes my day. I almost have to drink it everyday during my revision for my exam.They really make me awake, even with a small sip of it. They just feel so..........

Info: Nescafe Can Drink is one of the product of Nestle company. They comes in many flavours: Original, Mocha, Classic, and many more. But the one that I love the most is their Original. They just taste FANTASTIC. You can either chill it or drink it straight. Toby loves to make it in the fridge and does some techniques to make it tastes like ice blended which I can never learn but I just love how he makes it! So jelly!

Anyway, here's a picture dedicated to Nestle Company of showing how much I love it till I think I can become their promoter already! haha.

My slogan dedicated to Nescafe: "A Sip A Day, Keep Sleepiness Away!"     xD

p/s: This is not an advertorial, it's just a post simply to show my love to coffee and Nescafe. ;)

Enjoy you day! 

Readers: What's your Booster-of-the-MUST? Share it with me!

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