Monday, May 7, 2012

KL Trip Day 1 (Midnight)

Yeah I'm Back!

For those who are really innocence, let jie jie tell you ya.. :" I just came back from Kuala Lumpur."


Ok ok, let's be straight to the point.

Me and my so-called Char Siew Gang went for a two days trip last week. Air Asia just did a really bad job on delaying out departure time to KL, caused our arrival to be the next day midnight. We were so depressed but couldn't do anything cause it's a promotion ticket. Well, we carried on with our plan and had our dinner at KFC while waiting for our flight.

 (still)  *Excited*

Ordered three big chicken cause it's under promotion -- SUPER DAMN FULL.

We played poker after our dinner, cause it's too boring.

Shi Ting with her origami paper.

Me and Wei Wei camwhored in the toilet.

Before boarding.

We reached our apartment @ KL Plaza Suites at midnight, everyone were exhausted but still wanted to played around (time is precious) xD

Michelle was bullied -- wrapped up in the blanket! 

and came out to camwhored with me. Ha!!! 

Ah Ni pretended to be asleep.

Hungry in the early morning, we went out for a walk till we reached  Alor Street and the restaurants were still open!!!

Have you ever seen Tau Foo Far with Panda Theme?? Here you go!

Our morning supper at 3 am.

Ice kacang.

Cute Wei drinking her lian zi keng... ^^

Went back to sleep at 4.30 am. Crazy night/morning.  Will end this post here and see you 7 am in the morning.. xD

Hello Kitty-- suits me not?? 

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