Thursday, May 10, 2012

KL Trip First Day - Day and Night

Okay, too much pictures to share with you all. Too much things to cope this coming week cause I've my examination next two weeks. However, think of the bright side-- I'll be back to hometown after my exam!!!


That day was a crazy day cause we went to a lot of places in KL. We took manorail to Times Square, then back to Pavilion, then to Fahrenheit 88. I think the best part is I get the chance to eat a lot! xD

I want to post leng leng pictures here, but the problem is after I choose from my album, I still picked up more than 60 pictures! There're too many pretty pictures! I've tried my best to shorten my post here, and believe me, I've tried very very hard! Therefore, I will only post some pictures that I feel good here, and if you guys want to see more pictures, check out my facebook page. :)

Outfit of the day: Top from Thailand, Shorts from Ezze.

Morning Camwhore. ;)

Lot 10

*It's like, they are lost cause they couldn't find the signboard cause it's down at their foot*  xD

Imitating the model at the back there, haha.... Too bored? xD

This pictures just look so good. I think it'll be better if I'm not looking at the camera. What do you think then?

My gang. <3 (taken in monorail, going to Times Square)

One of my favourite drinks-- Share Tea!

Hahaha.... xD

Everybody guess where I am???


Show off.. xP

Sushi Tei.. <3

Korean Food with Ice Kacang -- Great combination. Hahaha..

Sticky, Sticky!!!! <3

Curi-curi grab a lot of sample just to snap this picture. xD

I feel my leg long long.. :P

My beef noddle soup--- SUPER DUPER Yummy.. 

Old Town Restaurant. (love this pic!)

I couldn't resist ice-cream (Gelato Fruity) :)

Camwhored in the toilet.- The Girls' Group. 

After watching the Avengers (I don't like it though), I ate ice cream AGAIN. (Mado)

See how happy am I holding just a tiny cup of ice-cream? Come on larr, I just Luv Ice-cream. hehe.

Then we went to al-Azhar Restaurant for supper.

Michelle's Drunk Faces-- Ultimate Expressions!  xD

Ah Fatt always has the best pose! <3

Okay, that's all for today, hope you guys enjoy! <3

camwhore in Al-Azhar Reataurant. xP

If you wonder: I didn't edit my figure. Okay. Gbye!

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