Thursday, June 7, 2012

06072012 Wedding

Everyone, let's get married! 


Okay larr, I'm just kidding. I've heard so many people getting married soon and I kind of feel it in the air as well. Not that I'm that kind of people who is anxious and eager to get married, it's just the happy wishes for people that you love.

Relating to this post, I'm actually doing a cover about marrying. It's a Chinese Song, named "我们结婚吧!" which means Let's Get Married. It's originally sang by two Taiwanese singers, male and female, so you guys understand it's a duet now.

So to sing a duet by myself (FA lol), all I do is I've edited the lyrics to make it sound more suitable and in the women's perspective. It's really cool doing this video cause I get the chance to film a short video in Surabaya, which is related to the theme. The scenery there are fabulous, so I've asked my brother to help me filming that short video. Thx dude!

Another person that I'm grateful to is my cousin's boyfriend, Jay, who borrowed us (me and my didi) his precious little camera. It's Nikon D5100 and as you can see, the resolution in this video is much more better compared to ANY of my previous videos. So a million thanks should given to him too.

Without further delay, let's enjoy this ultimate cover! xD

Music of the Day is still available here, even I'm actually promoting my music to day. ;)
It's related to Marrying too, so enjoy!

Title: Rockelbel's Canon (Pachelbel's Canon in D) - 4 Cellos - ThePianoGuys

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