Wednesday, June 6, 2012

06062012: Date

I went out dating with my friends after I've done with my hair treatment and cutting. Just a short post about my outfit and what I've done today. :)

US design top, green pilot shorts, lather sling bag, diamond E necklace and a tangerine almond shape of ring. 

Closer view for my make up.

A model post. :P

taken at saloon and ready to hit Aeon. 

I met my friends and decided to take our lunch at Windmill restaurant.. It's by far my TOP FAVOURITE western restaurant, with their food and scenery. Let me give you some eye candies. ;)

The set lunch are very affordable so I ordered BBQ Chicken while my friend ordered Fish and Chips. The price even included the whole set, with the dessert, appetizer, main course and drink. 

Appetizer: mushroom soup
Drink: Ice Lemon Tea

Main course: BBQ Chicken

Main Course: Fish and Chips.

And here comes my favourite dessert: ICE-CREAM!!!
Don't look at me like I'm a tiny lil child, try me and you'll never let me go. 

Look at how he this lil creamy thingy can change this stupid big jie-jie's life into such beautiful scenery. Life isn't that hard, is it? haha.

Okay, enough about all the fattening stuff, let's go shopping and not to forget, some coffee to end this beautiful day. <3

She said she's like promoting Starbucks, so I gave her a better example of promoting a stuff here.  

Nahhh.... *succes*

I love them, and they love me. Sure they do... hehe.

p/s: Starbucks is having the 50% Happy Hour for all the Frapuccino drinks from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm on Wednesday  (only member) and Friday( for all). So Starbucks lover, remember to visit them! ;)

Music of the day: Monster by Bigbang: <3

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