Sunday, January 8, 2012

Exam Result

Yesterday, my exam result came out. Arghhhh! I'm so sick of waiting and getting all sort of things related to the result. I'm not that kind of person that like to care about exam that much, so I actually don't care about it until someone (actually it's more than one) checked my result (without my permission).

Although I don't people knowing my result, but I kind of piss off with their action . The point is--- DON'T SIMPLY 'HELP' ME CHECK: I CONSIDER IT AS MY PRIVACY.

Anyway, my result turned out to be pretty good, since I did not expect to be the best result out of my past semester's result. It's 3.71, 2nd highest pointer in my class (I seriously wouldn't mind about that).

This is the face when I got the result online. xD

Even though I get 2nd highest for this semester, I'm the highest TOTAL pointer of 3 semesters, which I honestly had guess that long time ago, but I really think that's not the point.

The Main POINT is--- I get better result while I was just fooling around during my study????

I don't understand that. My mum told me it's because of the stress, and she'd made a point there.


Reader: Can you tell me what is wrong with me???

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