Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 -- Disaster?

Well well, 2012 has officially arrived. My friend said we do not need to work hard on this year since the stupid freaking rumour of the end of the world? (Thanks to the Roland Emmerich's '2012')

I suppose a lot of people have the same opinion with my friend right? OMG, this is such a disaster! Imagine everyone don't want to study, work or play, just sit there and wait for this f**king end of the year thingy to come...



I'm not going to waste so much time on sitting there and wait to see if the GOD is coming and fetch me to the heaven, so I'm ready to face this new year with a good resolution and the SPIRIT OF A YOUNG WOMAN~!

Eleanor 2012 Resolution:
1) Be close to GOD -- not to meet Him shyly if the 'day' really comes (Who know?)
2) Study like hell
3) Play like hell
4) Keep up with fashion line
5) Update my blog every week
6) FIND A BF!!!

Don't think my resolution is working? I have the same view actually, but what to do? It's my RESOLUTION and I'm ready to take the challenge!

Readers: What is your 212 reasolution? (:

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