Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ice Cream and Fireworks

Besides reunion dinner, I found myself spending a SWEET time with La Cremeria Mocha Indulgence Ice-cream on this Chinese New Year eve.

Sounds funny huh? But I'd enjoyed. <3

*La Cremeria is one of the product of Nestle company. I specially love this series as they are extremely rich in flavour, cream, chocolate chips and stuff!!!! Remember to try this if you haven't! (;

Later, I got the chance to see fireworks at the balcony.  It's so beautiful!!!!!

The 'flying lantern'

Some of the kids were still awake and celebrating this fantastic festival. =) 

Here's a short video showing how much fireworks were around my house till 1am: 

Readers: What have you done during CNY Eve???

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