Sunday, January 8, 2012

Healthy Sandwich

My weight is getting higher after the long holiday in home town so I plan to go for healthy diet before Chinese New Year come and I'm going to become an ugly pig for not controlling my diet. Here, I'm going to share with you one of my healthy diet recipe--- Sandwich!!!

You can eat it at any time and anywhere.
Easy to fine the ingredient
Healthy (can keep fit!)
Easy to make
You'll be full after eating this.

The filling is easy to drop--- Small matter! xD

 Let's start!

Egg-- Protein
Bread-- Carbohydrate
Tomatoes and Cucumber -- Fibre and Roughage
Sauce and Pepper -- Add on taste.


Cook the egg 1ill 70% cooked (Around 10 min after boiling)

While waiting for the egg to get cooked....

Slice the cucumber and tomatoes!

get the mayonnaise

Apply it to the first bread
Take the tomatoes sauce

Apply it to the 2nd bread

Put two cucumber slices on one of the bread

and two slices of tomatoes

Get the cooked egg, and blow it to let it cold faster.. Hahaha! (optional) xD

Peel out the egg shell

Smesy it!

Add some pepper and tomatoes sauce to enchant the taste

Apply some to the bread

Grab another tomatoes and cucumber slice and put it in the opposite direction of the first layer.

Repeat the steps till you are satisfied. 

Pu the 2nd bread on top of it.

And there you go! 



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