Monday, January 16, 2012

DAMN SIMPLE 鸡仔饼-- Chicken Little Cookies!!!

Well, Chinsese New Year is aound the corner, and I'm not losing my chance to make cookies to show off my culinary skills right??? Hahaha!!!

I don't know what the English name of the cookies, so I named it Chicken Little Cookies! Cute le....

100g of Sesame (Fried)
450g of flour
Sweet Melon 200g (chopped)

100g of Icing Sugar
200g of Vegetable oil
Half teaspoon of pepper
Half-teaspoon of salt
Half tablespoons of five-spice powder
a teaspoon of baking powder
a tablespoon of chopped garlic
a tablespoon of maltose
a tablespoon of black soy sauce
an egg
2 Red Beancurd (Fermented Tofu) . In Chinese, we call it as 南乳 , which look like this:

1) First, cut the melon into pieces using mixer.

2) Mix all the ingredients thoroughly

3) Put the doll aside to let it expand for 1 hour. If the doll is not dark enough in colour, add more dark soy sauce into it.

4) While waiting for the doll to expand, apply a layer of oil on the tray so that the doll would not stick on the ray after baking.

5) After 1 hour, grasp a small amount of the doll, put it on the tray, then flatten it. The thickness is up to your choice. You can either using bare hands or any ways that you find it suitable.

                                          *This is one of the ways... But I find it easier to use hands!

                             *Instead of using oil on the tray, you can also use aluminum foil to make 
                                                   the doll separate from the tray easier.

5) Put it in the oven, using 140 degree Celsius and 30 minutes to bake it. Should always keep and eye on it so that it will not over cooked.

6) We are done!