Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scarlet 70% Discount

I was wondering around Jusco Clothes Department after having a lovely lunch with my friends, I was so happy to see a 70% Discount Board there. I went and look at the clothes and it's like SO CHEAP!!!! 

Here're the pictures taken in the changing room.

The sunny style (bought it for my mum):

 Original prize: RM 29 (70% off)

The elegant style:

 Original prize: RM 49.00 (50% off)

I bought five clothes there-- three shirts( two from the picture above), a dress and a pants:

(sorry for the not-clear-pictures since I took it at night.).

 Original prize: RM 59.00 (70% off)

 Original prize: RM 49.00 (70% off)

 Original prize: RM 49.00 (70% off)

 Like it so much. Bought five quite branded clothes and they only spent me RM80!!!! How on Earth is it happening???? Hahahaha!!!! I'm So So So HAPPY!!!!!


Reader: Go and Grab One NOW!!!


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    1. I know who you are... Prince Freedom is it? Hahaha... Welcome to my blog anyway... =)