Saturday, January 7, 2012

Now Is What? Monolids' Generation???

I'm a huge fans of Michelle Phan and Jen from frmheadtotoe. They both are professional make up and beauty gurus in YouTube ( Make sure you check them out! )

Michelle Phan


So, I was strolling in You tube channel recently and viewing the updates of both of the gurus to check out their latest videos. I secretly found out the latest trend in America is MONOLIDS!!!!


First--- Michelle Phan: I really can't remember where and which video she said, but she really did mention it before! And in her 'Midnight Kiss' make up tutorial, there's a comment telling her she appear to look like she has a monolids which she (Michelle Phan) always wanted to do. I believe I'm not MISTAKEN!

Second --- Jen: December 2011 Hits and Misses. She mention that she want to do more of a monolids look, so guess uh...

You know what? I'm so happy with the news because I myself  is a SUPER DUPER Monolids!!!!

So, for monolids gal, you should be so so so so Proud since it's time to show your beauty!!!! YEAY!!!!!

May be I'll do something about monolids make up soon. So Stay Tune! ;)

p/s: My Dream--- Meeting Jen!!!! ^^

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