Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hit's of 2012--Sexy Wing For Monolids and Double Lids

Haven't I told you about Monolids thingy?? (Check out Now is What? Monolids' Generation?? )

Yea, It's Monolids Hits in 2012!!!

Okay, my friend ask me what is monolids, so I'll explain a little about it here. Monolids (Chinsese call 单眼皮), is how the lid did not fold to create a second line (We called it as 'crease') in the eyes.

Here is the example of Monolids:

There are different type of monolids among Asian, some are puffy, some are sunken, some has 'wing up lid', which is the most beautiful monolids among monolids.

I'm a super 100% Monolids, with a little puffy and sunken lids. I look sleepy whenever I didn't put my make up on since the upper lids is thicker than the lower lids, so I've to make up to correct it. I've done a lot of monolids look in the previous year, check them out in Youtube if you are interested. (My Channel)

This tutorial is going to show you a very elegant and sexy look, suitable for monolids and double lids as well. Purple look cool in this look and pink just make the look lovely and sweet.

Here We GO!!!

Get a flawless skin by applying foundation and finishing powder to set the face.

Draw eye brows.

Get an eye shadow palette ( can use whatever brand as long as you like) ;)

Choose a black eye shadow (I prefer a creamer black--more intensity)

Apply the black shadow to the outer corner

Create a wing like so.... sexy! xD

Make sure the wings are balance of the two eyes and  sharp at the end of the tip.  (It might take some time for the beginners.)

Choose a light purple colour shadow

Apply it to the inner corner of the eyes.

Blend the black and purple together.

Take a glitter white eyeliner and apply it to the inner corner of the eyes.

like so...

Before the glitter dried off, take a baby pink eyeshadow.

apply it on top of the glitter

Blend it with the purple (you can take some purple to blend it well )

Great, now take the glitter and add it at the bottom liner, as close  as possible to the  water liner

Then, take a dar pirple (violet), and add it add the outer corner  of lower lash, creating bigger eyes effect.

Adjusting the wing and clean up the flakes.

Grab a shimmery white and apply it to the brow bone area.

Draw the eyeliner, using liquid black eyeliner, and create a wing at the back.

It should look like this when you close your eyes.

Don't forget about the lower liner too ( Draw it in between of white glitter and shadow)

Optional for a more interesting look: Add a shorter wing at the back of the eye.. 

Then add the glitter again in between of the two wings. COOL!!!!

This is the look.
(If you don't want to add falsies: skip the steps of falsies and just apply mascara for the eye..)

Curl your lashes

And choose the falsies (Oblique falsies is the best choice for  wing-look)

Add the falsies properly-- My lids will become double lids after apply falsies.

Now for the cheek: You don't want to scattered the attention of your Super SEXY eyes, so you just have to choose a blush colour that is two tone darker than you face to contour the face.

To contour your face, just apply the blush below the cheekbone.

Optional: Add some highlight to the bridge of your nose to accentuate your nose bridge.

Hmm, what should we do for our lip???

For those who already has red lips themselves, just apply lip gloss to it. We want the lips colour to be as natural as possible.


So your look is officially done!!!! Enjoy your party!!!

Here're some of the pictures taken after the make up. =)


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  1. Hello Eleanor I followed you back :) good job on this tutorial, you look adorable! would love to see more of your tutorials.