Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ear Piercing

I have done a pair of ear piercing when I was young. It didn't hurt like what I heard from my friends. I really like it.

Then, I have this crazy idea since last year: Wasn't it COOL to have a row of ear piercing?


I have to admit that I'm a little coward that can always imagine how pain it is when the ear piercing hit the cartilage. (Oouchh!) But I really want to try it. So, here come some crazy day, where I went to a Silver Shop called 'Silver Dragon'  at Aeon Jusco, Bukit Tinggi and asked to do another two ear piecing at my right ear.

Then I was addicted.

On the holiday of CNY, I went to the shop again for three ear piercing AT ONCE at my left ear.

I must be crazy, but I'd enjoyed it. 

Ha! xD

However, there is some information I need to share with you guys here (Precaution):

1) To my surprise, it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would be.
2) The pain get worse at you hit the more cartilage area.
3) You will be very troublesome when sleeping (if you are a heavy side sleeper like me!)
4) Wash your hair at your own risk. (especially long hair)
5) Find a shop that is reliable for ear piercing at the cartilage area-- I heard some people get deaf after inappropriate ear cartilage piercing.  : x

This is some of the precaution that I think you should consider before taking that cute-but-troubling earpiece.

How to take care of the earpiece:
1) Don't pull your earpiece.
2) Wash your hand before touching it
3) Don't press it (especially sleeping).
4) turn the earpiece to make sure the earpiece won;t stick to blood or your flesh. (yuckkss!).
5) Don't take the earpiece out for 6 weeks. (for cartilage area-- 4 months dear!)

Readers: Always ask for doctor's instruction if your ears are sensitive. 

Good Luck!


  1. Silver Dragon pierces ears? I didn't know that D: I want a cartilage piercing.. Do they pierce with needle or gun? I heard piercing guns are unhygienic and actually caused some ear infections for me :( looking for a place in Klag that pierces with a needle, any suggestions? Thanks :)

    1. basically, piercing gun will be good and of course, safe, if you went into a good shop. Silver Dragon Shop is located in Bukit Tinggi Aeon Jusco. Their service is good and they are very professional in ear piercing as I have seen them having more than ten ear pieces. Unfortunately, I can't provide the name of shop with needle piercing as I haven't found one.

  2. Hye i want to know is that shop having nose piercing together