Thursday, February 16, 2012

Got a More 'Special' Valentine

Most probably all of the you will be wondering what the title means right? But don't get me wrong, I'm just playing around with words. Hahaha!

So, many of you will be asking what it means by 'special'? Let me get you UPSET. I was just celebrating my Valentine's Day with school, training, dancing class, and dinner with my friend. I didn't even get a chance to properly dress up and make up for that dinner either. (Sob sob)
My look at the school on Valentine's Day (pretty simple.)

However, my friend got me to a pretty nice restaurant, which I feel the need to share with you guy. It's just because I was eating there on the very special day, doesn't mean that we are Valentines kay....

All right, let's get into the 'Joe & Pepper' Restaurant!

The outer look

Inner look


I ordered this cause it's worthy -- RM 28 per person only!


Soup (weird one)

Main Course-- Devil Chicken

Suddenly, the lightning went out. We thought it's planned cause it's Valentine's Day, and someone just sang the birthday song, others busted laughing, then we saw the worker walking fast toward the electric box, only then we knew it's electric interruption.

The surrounding.

My camwhore. =P

They were able to get the electric back before my dessert. =) 
My dessert (like like!)

I give this restaurant a 70% high score. My friend doesn't like their cappuccino, while I don't like their Green Peas Soup (weird thing). The surrounding is perfect with brilliant design and lightning.

By the way,  I think that most of their customers thought that we are couple, cause we are eating together, which make me feel proud cause I've made a successful fake couple! Blaaaa!!!!!!


Readers: How do you celebrate your 2012 Valentine's Day? Hope you have a nice day!

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