Monday, February 13, 2012

Kelantan Chiang Mai Restaurant

My friend had won more than RM300 after his Chinese New Year Gambling. (Yeah, it's a long time ago story, but whatever.) We (our gang) had asked him to pay for a dinner, and surprisingly he say YES! 

Good. Then where should we go then?

Someone just said "Chiang Mai".

and I was like: Chiang Mai? Wasn't it a place in Thailand? We can't cross the border dude!

They ignored me, just bring me into the jungle....

As I was wondering where is the restaurant, I saw a very beautiful restaurant in the jungle. There it is? 


It's a really beautiful wooden restaurant (sorry i forget to take the pictures cause I'm stunted), with beautiful scenery, little romantic yellow lightning which make the whole restaurant unbelievingly pretty.

My friend ordered the special and famous food of the restaurant, so here is it! (sorry, not Halal)

Yau ma

Some sort of fried chicken? Ha! I can't remember the name.

Butter fried shrimp


Their famous fish (Spicy but really nice-- like Tom Yam)

He found his love.Hahaha~

We took some pictures before the dinner. Happy McD Family! Yeay! ^^

Readers: I'm not sure whether the name of the restaurant is real Chiang Mai or not. May be it's Cheng Mai?? Correct me if I'm wrong.  Haha~

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