Thursday, February 23, 2012

Block Dinner 2012

My hostel block is having a dinner gathering three days ago, and I'm having a good time there. Here, I'm going to share MANY pictures of that day.


My Make Up of the day

Hair before 'job'

Hair after "job"-- Tadaa!

Look like ANIME right? =P

Add my clothes, hair do and accessories-- DONE!

My whole look of the day!

Funny Picture which I love. <3

Fail-Camwhore with Win Wei's finger. : /


All kind of eating styles. =D

Our Lady-of-the-Night!

She's pretty and cute. hahaha! like like!

So called: One Malaysia

After the whole camera shooting, eating, chit-chating, walking and taking bus, I came back with the whole tired look. : /

The make up stayed. Thanks God!

The Bed is still the BEST!
还是床最舒服! xD

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