Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring & Summer Green-Green Make Up

I think I have quite a long time since my last make up tutorial right? Yeah, so today let's post about it!

This make up tutorial is inspired by the lovely spring and summer environment. Spring and summer has the most beautiful environment look cause the flora starts to show their beautiful colours. I try to make this look more to the green-green feel cause I want to promote environment-friendly look. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Add foundation and draw your eyebrows.

Grab a light yellow and apply it at the inner half of your eyelids.

grab a very red colour and apply it at the outer half of your eyelids.

Grab a dark green colour and apply it at the crease of your eye. Like so:

Draw your upper eye liner. It should be as thin as possible so that it doesn't cover up your red and yellow eye shadows. Then draw your lower eye liner which should be looking natural as well.

Grab the green eyeshadow again and apply it at the outer half of your lower eyelids, and bring it softer as it goes to the inner corner.

Grab the light shimmery eyeshadow and apply it at the lower inner eyelids to intensify your look. It will look extremely different now.

For a natural look- try mascara for your lashes. 
For an intensified look - apply your lashes (upper or/and  lower lashes)

Lips  and blushes -- cute soft pink is the best choice!

So Here you GO!

This look is suitable for monolids too -- The colour will even be more visible for them! ^^


Love this look cause it's multi-colouresd enhance everybody's eyes, no matter you are monolids or double-eyelids. It is even wearable when you just touch up your eye with mascara instead of eyelashes, but it really depend on personal taste (I myself can wear a soft fake eyelashes out). So hope you all enjoy my tutorial and hope to see you soon!

Reader: What kind of creative look will you do for the lovely spring summer?


  1. this is really nice!
    amazing look!
    so creative with those bold colors! it suits you well!