Saturday, March 10, 2012

Me, the Aeon Tour Guide

My Kelantan friend came to KL and piad me a visit yesterday, so I'm proud of myself to bring him to Aeon Jusco, the most civilized shopping mall in my place here. I'm so proud to be the the tour guide. Hahahaha!!!!

My look of the day: 
Shirt: My cousin's 
Pants: Scarlet purple jeans (will show it in the fitting room picture)
shoe- from Tesco (fitting room picture too)

We went and watched a movie: John Carter-- the Virginia..  (lolx.)

Then shopped (My favourite, ha!). The pictures:

Clothes testing @ PaDiNi.
Pants from Scarlet and shoe from Tesco

Look at it!!! I DAMN LIKE IT!   But didn't buy it cause it's toooooo expensive :(  

 Dinner @ KIM GARY:

I ordered Baked chicken rice with Cheese for us.

Like it! (For me-- White sauce)

For his--- Red sauce. (he said mine was better, yes!)

At last, he bought me my first ever CONVERSE shoe ( Love it!). Thanks buddy! =)

I'm now at Port Dickson with my family. The broadband line here is poor, so this's all I will do for today. See ya!

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